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Prep & Landing is the first computer animated television special that Disney created especially for TV. Chris Williams who also co-directed Bolt pitched the animated short to Walt Disney Animation Studios; John Lasseter liked the idea and greenlit the project. Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton took Chris' idea and developed it much like Dreamworks did with Shrek the Halls.

Trivia: Total running time is 22 minutes; music is composed by Michael Giacchino. The Longitude / Latitude coordinates for Timmy Terwelp's house are indeed North 34' 9' 20" / West 118' 19' 23", which are the actual coordinates of Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, USA. During an early scene where Wayne is "being naughty" and making himself a cocoa drink, he uses a carton of "Deter's Dairy" milk which actually exists in director Kevin Deters' hometown of Quincy, Illinois. Feel free to look around a bit.

Meet Santa's Crew!

Wayne has worked prep & landing for 227 years, longer than any other elf but you can call him "Little Drummer Boy" and is voiced by Dave Foley. He loves Jazz and Chocolate Crinkles but cannot stand peppermint as it gives him a rash. He also pals around with the coal elves. Favorite sayings: "Feel free to dial down the merriment a little." & "You're sounding extra jingly this morning, Magee."

Lanny is Wayne's new rookie partner but you can call him "Treeskirt" and is voiced by Derek Richardson. He likes anything made by his mom, preferably right out of the oven and was top of his class at Kringle Academy achieving record marks in Holiday History and Christmas Cheer. Favorite saying: "This is so tinsel!"

Magee is North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center Coordinator (N.P.C.E.C.C.C. for short) but you can call her "Jingle Belle" and is voiced by Sarah Chalke of Scrubs' fame. She likes frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles evenly distributed across the cookie. Favorite sayings: "Why didn't I listen to Jerry and stay in Toy Design?" & "It's Jingle Time!"

Big Red needs no introduction and is voiced by William Morgan Sheppard. He is allergic to nuts.

Miss Holly is Santa Claus' Executive Assistant and is voiced by Kasha Kropinski. She also loves mince pies.

Thrasher is the Supreme Commander of the Reindeer Stealth Squadron. Of course his favorite holiday song would be Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Favorite saying: "I don't exist. Tell anyone I exist, and you won't exist."

Dasher is the one of the lead reindeer on Santa's sleigh team but you can call him "8 Maids-a-Milking". Dasher likes to best his personal record of 43 elves on his antlers at once. It helps to build up his neck muscles. Favorite sayings: "Laughing all the way, my friend. Laughing all the way.", "I really hate that call sign.", and "Keep it together, Dancer!"

Dancer is the other lead reindeer on Santa's sleigh team and you can call him "8 Maids-a-Milking" too. Dancer's a bit neurotic with his favorite saying: "It's too late to pull up!"

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